Covering Your Bases..

As a seasoned Texas tailgater, you know that shade and cold beer are two very essential things to staying comfortable when you’re outside for eight hours. Sure you went to Walmart early and beat the last minute rush for that Longhorn pop up tent. Yea you’ve managed to bring more sponsors on board this year. But do you really have all of your bases covered? I’m willing to bet there’s one item you’ve left off your list, if entirely by mistake, that you will consider a priority within the first few hours of the Wyoming tailgate.

Anti Monkey-Butt Powder. Yes, you read that correctly.

If there’s one thing more certain that Texas beating OU this season, it’s getting swamp-ass at a tailgate. Your Under Armor tee may have moisture-wicking properties, but until someone comes out with miniature air conditioning units, Mother Nature has determined, at least in Texas, that tailgating butts will sweat.

Specifically formulated to absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation, Anti Monkey Butt is ideal for butt busting activities like long airplane rides, mechanical bull riding, and even tailgating. If you’re like Kosler, you can even put it inside your Sperrys.

Get yours at Walmart or CVS today, you’ll thank me in the morning.

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