Pre-gaming with Schmidtty: UT @ K State

Well there is good news, and then there is a TON of bad news. The good news is I don’t think you have to worry about the Longhorns going into any game overconfident for the rest of the year. The bad news is … well where do we start? The offensive line is terrible and they just lost their most consistent starter, Michael Huey. The running game is non-existent, and it’s time everyone realized that this early in his career, Garret Gilbert can’t carry this offense. Despite what others may say, the defense is solid however it is susceptible to an explosive play or a dumb penalty that extends drives. A very popular word around Austin is frustrated, and as the Longhorns now go into “preparing for 2011″ mode there are some things for UT fans to look forward to.

Texas v Baylor

The Texas defense had a valiant goal-line stand, but just couldn't get the job done against Baylor. -AAS Photo

The two biggest problems for the Longhorns are converting trips to the red zone into touchdowns (only 15 of 36 this season) and creating turnovers on defense. Yes, the muffed punt returns are a major issue but the best you can do in that situation is try someone new, which Brown said they are going to do. The coaches understand where this team is falling short

“We have got to start forcing turnovers with our defense,” said Brown. “We say it every week, but it’s hard to do. You can’t just wave a wand, you gotta knock ‘em loose.”

As the Longhorns players and coaches have done, I too have also stopped underestimating UT’s opponents. Kansas State was regarded as a top contender for the Big 12 North in the pre-season, mainly because of one guy, running back Daniel Thomas. Thomas is currently seventh in the country in rushing yards (only four yards shy of 1,000 for the season) and has double-digit rushing touchdowns (10). The game plan against the Wildcats should be fairly simple, stop the run, so I’m not as worried about the Longhorns this week as I will be against Oklahoma State and Texas A&M. Kansas State isn’t going to try and trick you, they will just do what they do best and dare you to try and stop them. I take at least a little bit of solace that prior to the UCLA game, Texas was one, if not the top, rushing defense in the country.

I say the game plan is simple, but to be honest, stopping Thomas and crew will not be as easy as putting eight men in the box. Here is a little video proof of what K State and Thomas can do …


And just so I don’t get a reputation for only posting highlights of the other teams, here is a good Longhorn moment from the Baylor game that I hope everyone will enjoy …

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