How to fix UT’s offense

I think it is time the Longhorns resort to some trick plays to get the offense going, and to boost morale a little bit. I’d like to put in my vote for this one. I think it’s safe to go out on a limb and call this the greatest trick play in Texas middle school history. Enjoy.


  1. jeffspeck says:

    Im kinda jealous that we never ran that back in Pee-wee.. Pretty Genius if you ask me.. I cant wait for a Division II College team to pull this one off next weekend…

  2. aorta87 says:

    Lets see how 10-15 lbs gains across the board on the team pans out after this summer…you know Brown is going to hit them hard with conditioning. Not to mention making them run plays and drills in their sleep. We can’t afford to have another season like this next year. Baylor, Iowa St., and Kansas St. should have been guaranteed wins for Texas!!

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