O’ Canada

If anyone is frustrated with football, then you really need to check out what’s cookin’ at the Erwin Center. The Texas basketball team is really looking good after two games this week. I know it’s early but something just feels different about this team. Player roles are moreĀ  clearly defined and it seems head coach Rick Barnes has finally figured out the rotation.

That rotation includes two of the best freshman in the country, Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph. If you watched the telecast last night you were reminded over and over again that both these players hail from Canada. Before playing together at Findlay Prep they both played for a grassroots Canada AAU team. You can read all about the two here.

Speaking of Canada, the newest Longhorn hoops recruit Myck Kabongo is also, you guessed it, CANADIAN! By no means am I looking past this year, because I think UT is going to be very good, but just thought everyone would want to see the basketball team still has great things to come, eh.

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  1. jeffspeck says:

    Im liking how these two Canadians have panned out for our squad thus far…. Let’s hope they continue to progress and take us to the final fourrrrrrr

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