Pre-gaming with Schmidtty: UT vs. Oklahoma St.

I won’t lie, I’m not very confident in Texas’ chances this week. Oklahoma State is good at one thing and it’s the exact opposite of what Texas is good at … scoring touchdowns. The Cowboys sit atop the Big 12 South and have only scored less than 34 points once this season. The Longhorns conversely haven’t scored more than 34 points at all this year.

Garrett Gilbert

Garrett Gilbert had a rough week against K State with 5 interceptions. He'll need to bounce back if the Horns have any chance against OK State. - AA-S Photo

One very interesting stat that I heard today was that only three teams have gained more yards than every team they have faced this year, TCU, Boise State and Texas. I haven’t done the research myself, but if that is true then maybe there is one bright spot for Texas this season. Although since they are 91st in the country in scoring, it further perpetuates the fact that the Longhorns are just terrible in the red zone. (If you were wondering, Oklahoma State is 3rd in the country in scoring)

The player to watch would be OSU wideout Justin Blackmon. Blackmon leads the NCAA in receiving yards with 1,285 yards and has not had less than 125 receiving yards in any game this season. He has seen the end zone in every game he has played this season and has 15 total receiving touchdowns on the year. Be afraid, be very afraid of this guy.

The Horns have their work cut out for them. Heard on the radio that a LOT of recruits will be making official visits to UT for this game, so get there early, be loud and stay late. And of course, wear your orange.


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