It’s only the beginning

Just got my UT football season tickets in the mail, so I think now it’s official. We can FINALLY put 5-7 behind us and focus on 2011. I’m going to be previewing the Horns leading up to the first game against Rice so everyone has something to read while they pretend to work. So sit back and enjoy the Tour de Redemption.


Are you ready for some football?

8/18: Special Teams

8/19: Linebackers

8/23: Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

8/24: Defensive Line

8/25: Offensive Line

8/26: Defensive Backs

8/30: Running Backs

8/31: Quarterbacks

9/1: Pre-gaming w/Schmidtty: UT vs. Rice

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  1. JRock says:

    Def ready to put last year behind… We better do some crushing this season.

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