You CAN call it a comeback

If you need an uplifting story to get you going today, check out Chip Brown’s story on Blaine Irby’s miracle comeback on (It’s a free story, so you don’t have to worry about being a subscriber to read it). Doctors gave Irby a less than 5% chance to ever walk normally again. Not play football. Not block 280 lb. defensive linemen. Not catch deep passes over the middle. It was a 5% chance just to walk! And in 2011 we are talking about Irby possibly being a starter and a key contributer to a Big 12 football team. Simply amazing. Count your blessings guys.

If you need a reminder about how bad Irby’s injury was, watch the video below but watch at your own risk. I remember seeing this live and my stomach still drops every time I watch it.

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