Just in case you missed it …

… here are a few headlines from the past week that everyone should be aware of.

  • Wide receiver Marquise Goodwin has decided to return to football at UT after coming one centimeter shy of the finals for the long jump at the World Championships in South Korea. He said he missed football more than he thought. I don’t care why he came back, I’m just glad 84 will be on the field this week bringing a little more experience to a very young receiving corps. Check out Goodwin’s interview on the Texas practice report.
  • Thank goodness another team is taking the spotlight off of Texas and the Longhorn Network. Texas A&M’s attempt to join the SEC may be held up by none other than … BAYLOR! The Bears are threatening litigation, which was the only thing the SEC said would keep them from absorbing the Aggies. Kind of like Superman telling the world his only weakness is Kryptonite.
  • Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops says the annual Red River Rivalry game between OU and Texas isn’t “necessary” if the landscape of college football changes and the two are not in the same conference. Watch the video if you can stomach all of that crimson.
  • The depth chart only has minor changes for the week against BYU. David Ash is now the official third string QB with Connor Wood gone. Joe Bergeron and Malcolm Brown are still in an either/or position for second string RB, but they have flipped sides. What does this tell us? Expect to see more of Brown in the first half rather than last week where all his carries came in the second half. Lastly, with the arm injury to Demarco Cobbs, Aaron Benson will now back up Jordan Hicks while Chet Moss moves in behind Emmanuel Acho.
  • Texas has cracked the top 25 of the AP Poll. The Longhorns are ranked 24th after their 34-9 victory over Rice. The rest of the poll looks like this:
AP Top 25
1 Oklahoma (32) 1-0 1448
2 LSU (17) 1-0 1415
3 Alabama (9) 1-0 1409
4 Boise State (2) 1-0 1310
5 Florida State 1-0 1196
6 Stanford 1-0 1154
7 Texas A&M 1-0 1033
8 Wisconsin 1-0 1031
9 Oklahoma State 1-0 981
10 Nebraska 1-0 947
11 Virginia Tech 1-0 906
12 South Carolina 1-0 843
13 Oregon 0-1 828
14 Arkansas 1-0 752
15 Ohio State 1-0 606
16 Mississippi State 1-0 594
17 Michigan State 1-0 530
18 Florida 1-0 382
19 West Virginia 1-0 357
20 Baylor 1-0 284
21 Missouri 1-0 242
22 South Florida 1-0 221
23 Penn State 1-0 147
24 Texas 1-0 135
25 TCU 0-1 130


  1. liliana says:

    i couldn’t even deal with all of that crimson before clicking play

  2. bu1383 says:

    Bob Stoops is a tool and from Ohio. Texas vs Ou is a classic that has to be played every year!

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