Gilbert to transfer

It’s official, injured QB Garrett Gilbert will transfer leaving the Longhorns with Case McCoy, David Ash and 2012 commit Connor Brewer next year. So now two questions arise, A) Where will Gilbert go? and B) Will UT recruit another quarterback in it’s 2012 class?

A) There is already a report that Gilbert was visiting the SMU campus today, but unless you are a fan of Mustangs you can’t really read about it on Almost as soon as there is a report about Gilbert visiting SMU, there is a story about how SMU shouldn’t go after him. You know things are pretty bad when the talk is should SMU go after Gilbert instead of should Gilbert go after SMU. Reports are he has four or five other schools on his radar (two others that were brought up were TCU and Clemson, but both teams have young QBs).

B) Guessing who the Longhorns will go after – and that’s IF they go after another QB for the 2012 class – is a little tougher. Looking at the Rivals rankings of players with Texas on their short list of schools, the top two are three-star recruits Jared Johnson of South Grand Prairie HS (who has his eyes set on Baylor) and Jeremiah Briscoe from Stratford HS (no offers yet … yay?). Of course, another name that pops up is local product and dual-threat QB Ben Johnson of Westwood HS. He has offers from Texas State and Rice, but one has to think if the burnt orange and white came calling, he’d answer. But I’m no expert, and I haven’t read any of these names anywhere else yet so don’t take them to heart.

One thing I will say about Gilbert is that I’m really sad to see him go … officially. I had a lot of high hopes for him and now I just hope he can find some success elsewhere. I really wish him the best.

Try to remember the good times Garrett … and good luck!

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