QB controversy won’t end anytime soon for Longhorns

Can you feel it All ‘Bout Texas tailgaters? Football season is here and this Saturday the Longhorns will be on the field with Wyoming for the season opener. ABT will bring you continuous coverage of all Longhorn football news along with our take on the happenings of the Big 12 and the national scene.

Texas Rise Magazine Cover

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But first, the worst kept secret from camp was revealed with the release of the depth chart. Sophomore David Ash will get first shot at starting QB in 2012. Why do I say first shot? Because after watching last year, I have a hard time thinking that there is still that much separation between Ash and fellow Longhorn QB Case McCoy. They both had their good and bad moments last year (mostly bad) and I don’t believe that we have seen the last of a QB controversy in Austin. Just take a look at the Texas Rise’s cover (pictured). Ash and McCoy side-by-side, which is where I think they truly stack up in the minds of the coaches right now. But only one QB can start so Ash gets the nod as he has improved on his decision-making and has more raw talent than McCoy.

As much as I believe that Texas’ defense will be one of the best in the country this year, I find it hard to believe the Longhorns’ record will be better than last year without much improvement at the QB position. It’s a problem not even a three-headed beast at running back can fix.

We will have more UT football coverage as we get closer to gameday so unless you enjoy sounding like you have no clue what you’re talking about at your tailgate, keep stopping by ABT for more Longhorn news and analysis.


  1. Pete says:

    Is that on your ticket? sheesh…

    • Schmidt says:

      Not on the season ticket. Texas Rise is the promotional yearbook-type magazine that they send with your season tickets though.

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