SEC Country? Not so much …

SEC Country?

The defectors from College Station won’t be playing tonight due to Hurricane Isaac (which is seriously no laughing matter) so for all those who were excited to see what “SEC Country” looked like on the field, I guess you’ll have to settle for Vanderbilt. If you haven’t seen the billboard in North Austin, take a look at the picture to the left and let us know what you think about it in the comments section.

The problem with this billboard is that, yes you are in the SEC Texas A&M, but that doesn’t make you an SEC football team. Right now A&M is as much of an SEC football team as Kentucky or the aforementioned Vandy. A&M will struggle to separate themselves from the middle of the pack in the SEC because at this moment they can’t compete with an SEC-style team. This could have been addressed when they cleaned house with Mike Sherman and were in the market for a new coach. Did they go out and pursue anyone from the SEC since it’s the “best conference in the country?” Nope, they hired their head coach from C-USA. I thought this was SEC Country, right? The SEC is all about defense and running the football, two things A&M’s head coach isn’t necessarily known for. And I’m not exactly sure he deserves to be known for what he is known for, offense. Kevin Sumlin inherited a University of Houston team from Art Briles that was already prolific on offense and he pretty much only had one QB his entire time there (although Case Keenum was hurt in 2010. their record in 2010? It was 5-7 if you were wondering). Right now, A&M’s football staff has one coach with SEC experience (defensive line coach Terry Price).

Now, how do we bring this back to UT (other than the billboard, of course)? After the loss in the national championship game in 2010, Mack decided that to win a national championship in today’s college football he needed to play tough defense and have an offense that could run the ball consistently (both characteristics that made Alabama the better team in 2010). Yes, there was some growing pains. But with coaches (which were pillaged from SEC teams) like Manny Diaz, Stacy Searels, Bo Davis and Bennie Wylie in their second year at Texas, UT should resemble a team from the SEC much more than A&M. Texas is trying to become an SEC team playing in the Big 12 while A&M is still a Big 12 team that just happens to play in the SEC. I’ll let the season play out and see which team’s philosophy equates to a better record.

One of those SEC coaches that UT stole, Bo Davis, shows what he brings to the table in this LHN video on YouTube. Check it out.


  1. Pete says:

    “Getting run over in the SEC” Country

  2. Gig em says:

    You were saying what about A&M not being able to compete again? Stupid shorthorn.

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