You CAN call it a comeback

If you need an uplifting story to get you going today, check out Chip Brown’s story on Blaine Irby’s miracle comeback on (It’s a free story, so you don’t have to worry about being a subscriber to read it). Doctors gave Irby a less than 5% chance to ever walk normally again. Not play football. Not block 280 lb. defensive linemen. Not catch deep passes over the middle. It was a 5% chance just to walk! And in 2011 we are talking about Irby possibly being a starter and a key contributer to a Big 12 football team. Simply amazing. Count your blessings guys.

If you need a reminder about how bad Irby’s injury was, watch the video below but watch at your own risk. I remember seeing this live and my stomach still drops every time I watch it.

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I was pretty happy about my financial situation until this…

Someone at work sent me the link below….

I have to work for 282 years to in order to make LeBron James annual salary.

In .31 Games, 2.32 Rebounds, 9.13 Points, and 2.66 Assists, LeBron makes my annual salary…

My Goodness.

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