Post New-Mexico Review

There really aren’t any real positives you can take from the Lobos game due to the lack of talent on the opposing team. However, there were some interesting things I saw in the game film that are worthy of mentioning:


Ash & Offensive Line fail to recognize Pre-Snap Motion by defender 7 yards away from the ball and the upcoming blitz.

In this play, Ash has already decided before the snap to throw the pass to the receiver running the GO route who is being covered by 2 defenders. At the same time, the slot receiver beat his man and is wide open for a big gain.

This was an NFL level throw by Ash and an even better play by the NM DB to break the pass up.

Again, Ash and the OL fail to recognize the blitz with the defender 4 yards away from the LOS.

This was one of the really bad throws Ash had during the first half in which he missed a completely wide open receiver.

Again, Ash has decided before the snap who he is going to throw to. The defender realizes this and almost makes an interception on the play.

Brian Harsin was pretty pissed after the Texas TD by Mike Davis.

Brian Harsin was extremely frustrated by the poor first half by the Texas Offense.


In this play, instead of exploding through the C gap to make a tackle for a loss (green arrow), Hicks hesitates and takes the D gap which allows the QB to gain some positive yards. Cobbs (green circle), does a fantastic job in covering the NM player assigned to him (blue circle) to ensure that he is ready to make a play if the QB tosses the ball.

Again, Cobbs (green circle) does a fantastic job in sticking to his run zone assignment and watches the NM back (blue circle). However, Edmonds takes the wrong gap and this results in positive yards for NM.

Edmonds takes on the lead blocker and forces the play the to the sidelines. Instead of his sticking to his assigned run zone and watching the NM back, Cobbs takes bait and heads into the center of action (red arrow) and this results in a huge gain for NM.


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The Longhorn Network exists! See for yourself Nov. 11-13

Believe it or not, the Longhorn Network does exist! If only for a weekend (for non-Verizon FIOS or Grande Communications customers). Go to for the free preview weekend which begins today and runs through Sunday, Nov. 13. Enjoy!

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Have you hugged a computer today? First BCS rankings released and Texas is No. 24

The first BCS standings are out and Texas has a spot in the Top 25. After being shunned from every other poll in America, the Horns are getting some love from the computers. Texas is not ranked in any of the three human polls that factor into the BCS formula, but the computer rankings are seeing things differently since Texas’ only two losses are to the No. 3 (Oklahoma) and No. 4 (Oklahoma State) ranked schools in the BCS. I don’t think Texas will only have two losses at the end of the season, and I certainly don’t think they will factor into the BCS equation, but at least it’s nice to be recognized.

BCS Standings
1 LSU 7-0
2 Alabama 7-0
3 Oklahoma 6-0
4 Oklahoma State 6-0
5 Boise State 6-0
6 Wisconsin 6-0
7 Clemson 7-0
8 Stanford 6-0
9 Arkansas 5-1
10 Oregon 5-1
11 Kansas State 6-0
12 Virginia Tech 6-1
13 Nebraska 5-1
14 South Carolina 6-1
15 West Virginia 5-1
16 Michigan State 5-1
17 Texas A&M 4-2
18 Michigan 6-1
19 Houston 6-0
20 Auburn 5-2
21 Penn State 6-1
22 Georgia Tech 6-1
23 Illinois 6-1
24 Texas 4-2
25 Washington 5-1
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Un-renewing a rivalry?

Going to UT vs. A&M this year? If you haven’t bought tickets yet, you may want to grab some while you can because it might be the last matchup of the traditional rivals for a while. The San Antonio Express-News is reporting that Texas AD DeLoss Dodds has informed A&M AD Bill Byrne that the Longhorns don’t have an opening in their non-conference schedule to play the Aggies in football until possibly 2018. In light of this news, I want even more for Texas to give A&M the same proper send-off that Nebraska got last year from the Horns. This game will be bigger than it’s been in a while. Road trip anyone?

I don’t usually agree with Mark May, but I think he’s still completely right about A&M’s move to the Big 12. Watch below:

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TCU officially invited to the (Big 12) party

Texas won’t be the only Horns in the Big 12 if TCU accept the official invite from the conference. The Horned Frogs are currently a part of the Mountain West Conference, but last year they accepted an invite by the Big East to join their BCS conference. Now that the Big 12 has come calling, it’s hard to imagine that TCU will continue with it’s plan to go East. The Big 12 Conference allows TCU to play closer to home and develop more natural rivalries. A loss last week to SMU may not back up my next statement, but TCU has been one of the better non-BCS automatic qualifying football schools in the country for the past 10 years. Maybe only second to the Boise State Broncos. TCU stands to gain a lot of cash by joining the Big 12 and their new revenue sharing system. So if anyone deserves a pay raise in Fort Worth, it’s head football coach Gary Patterson who may be reason No. 1 that TCU will be the next Big 12 school.

In a statement from the 40 Acres, Longhorn AD DeLoss Dodds had this to say:

We’re proud that TCU has been invited to join the Big 12. Their commitment to academics and success on the field make them an excellent fit. With a solid budget and strong financial support, they have been proactive at improving facilities. Their close proximity to all conference institutions makes for a comfortable travel situation.

So find the nearest TCU alumnus in your office and welcome them to the Big 12. At least now you’ll have more friends to laugh at A&M when they are getting stomped in the SEC next year. Did anyone see the A&M/Arkansas game? Every … week … A&M. Enjoy yourselves.

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