Covering Your Bases..

As a seasoned Texas tailgater, you know that shade and cold beer are two very essential things to staying comfortable when you’re outside for eight hours. Sure you went to Walmart early and beat the last minute rush for that Longhorn pop up tent. Yea you’ve managed to bring more sponsors on board this year. But do you really have all of your bases covered? I’m willing to bet there’s one item you’ve left off your list, if entirely by mistake, that you will consider a priority within the first few hours of the Wyoming tailgate.

Anti Monkey-Butt Powder. Yes, you read that correctly.

If there’s one thing more certain that Texas beating OU this season, it’s getting swamp-ass at a tailgate. Your Under Armor tee may have moisture-wicking properties, but until someone comes out with miniature air conditioning units, Mother Nature has determined, at least in Texas, that tailgating butts will sweat.

Specifically formulated to absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation, Anti Monkey Butt is ideal for butt busting activities like long airplane rides, mechanical bull riding, and even tailgating. If you’re like Kosler, you can even put it inside your Sperrys.

Get yours at Walmart or CVS today, you’ll thank me in the morning.

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Be Wary of the Horns When…

When trying to hold a fourth-quarter lead: Mack Brown

Mack Brown has been Captain Comeback in 12 seasons as Texas’ coach. The Longhorns have averaged two second-half comebacks per season under Brown, including 13 fourth-quarter comebacks. They stunned defending BCS national champion USC with a last-minute rally in the 2006 Rose Bowl and had the mother of all comebacks against Oklahoma State in ’04 (down 35-7 in second quarter) and again in ’07 (trailed 35-14 at start of fourth quarter). In fact, the Horns have recorded the six largest comeback victories in school history under Brown’s watch.

When playing offense on third down: Texas

Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp loves to bring heat on third down, and the Longhorns led the country in third-down defense last season. The Longhorns’ opponents converted only 53 of 200 (26.5 percent) third-down plays. In fact, the Longhorns sacked opposing quarterbacks 19 times on third down last season.

Basically what this tells me as a Longhorn fanatic is that we are never out of a game, no matter how bad things might look and that our defense is stout as hell.

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Orangebloods Trial Offer

Hey folks,

In case you haven’t heard, the guys at Orangebloods are giving away 3-month summer trials for free.  @ChipBrownOB broke the story of the possible Big XII realignment, and has become the go to source for insider news on the Horns since then.

email Gkketch[at] with the subject line “special offer” to take advantage of this..I did.

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Happy Birthday Week Bug!

Hope you liked the surprise!

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